7 Benefits of Kids Soccer

7 Benefits of Kids Soccer

1. Kids Soccer Helps with Fitness & Health

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Soccer involves a lot of movement – even for the goalkeeper! All the exercise will help kids stay fit and healthy by improving cardiovascular health, coordination, strength and flexibility.

2. Kids Soccer is Great Fun

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Kids need to be entertained and kept busy, or they will get bored very quickly.

Good thing soccer is such a fun activity! Plus, because it involves exercise, it fosters a positive mental association with staying healthy – and healthy habits learned early last longer!

3. Soccer is a Team Sport

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Even though individual skills are important when playing soccer, it’s also necessary to play as a team. Teamwork is one of the most beneficial life skills children need to learn, as it provides a positive impact on family, school, and eventually work.

However, being part of a team isn’t just about learning how to work together and share talents. It’s also about teaching kids leadership and how to lose gracefully.

It doesn’t end there, either. Being part of a team teaches kids how to take responsibility. After all, if one player is slacking off, the rest of the team suffers for it. This teaches another valuable life lesson: how to develop a healthy work ethic.

4. Motor Skills

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With TV, video games and smartphones making it easier for kids to become couch potatoes, they can lose out on valuable motor skills. Plus, as they get older, they’ll be spending more time hitting the books to prepare for tests and exams.

By playing youth soccer, kids get a chance to develop their physical strength and motor skills in advance.

5. Kids Soccer Improves Mood & Self-Esteem

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The World Health Organization recommends kids get at least 60 minutes of exercise daily. This isn’t just for the physical benefits – exercise is known to improve mood and self-esteem.

Playing a team sport like youth soccer is a great way to get some exercise in! Not only does it provide the usual benefits of an active lifestyle, but it helps kids improve their self-confidence.

After all, when you’re learning new skills successfully and playing in front of other people, you get more comfortable doing so.

6. It Also Improves Socialization

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Watching your little ones play a match can help bring families and neighbors together. This is an important factor in developing social interactions for yourself and especially for your kids.

Luckily, there’s no better way to meet new friends than on the field. This is because the kids are practicing and playing together regularly; developing a bond in the process. Plus, what’s better than a little healthy competition?

7. Youth Soccer Improves Academic Performance

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It’s well-established that sports and exercise help students perform better in the classroom. Their concentration and focus are improved, especially when playing a sport like soccer.

Soccer is also a fast-paced game, so kids learn how to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Plus, because it involves getting the ball from point A to point B, their visual-spatial awareness is improved at the same time!


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There’s no doubt youth soccer is a great way for kids to develop mentally, physically and emotionally. If you think your child is interested in playing the Beautiful Game, take a look at our soccer program and get in touch.