Frequently Asked Questions

Through participation in sport, children learn the importance of key values such as:

  • teamwork

  • honesty

  • effort & perseverance

  • passion & emotion

  • friendship & humility

  • fair play

  • respect for oneself and others

  • adherence to rules

General Questions

Do you have a future plan?

in the future Foooty website will be subscription-based education platform platform that connects players with all-access passes to professional football coaches, players and specialists.

Is there a fee to send the short clips to international clubs?

So far there’s no fees, after one year will be some payments

How can I contact you? ..

You can contact us by phone or official email
Or By E-mail [email protected]

Do you've official office or legally license ?

In the near future .. we started with website only to serve Arab region and Middle East area.

our vision
  • To improve technical skills and become technically aware

  • To be the best development resources and be at the forefront in the next generation of football for children

  • To contribute to the socialization of children from an early age

  • To improve & enhance children’s quality of life

  • To treat sport as a rewarding activity that increases well-being and helps children work off the tensions that come with each stage of their development

  • To help each child in his/her search for personal and social balance

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